Thursday, December 23, 2010

Me Legs!!!!!!!!

Well now, me thinks this weight work and plyometric jumps has destroyed me legs! My goal of 60 miles per day has foundered. Combination of cold, windy weather in conjunction with legs that ache has made for quite the difficult rides. I could only do 40 today, with 2145 feet of climbing, 500 of which came in the first 4 miles, all of it short but steep (Garmin says 14 to 16% grades). After that warm-up, riding into a fierce head wind, me legs were on fire. It's interesting as I felt the limiting factor, even when I pushed the pace was the pain or fire in me legs versus anerobic debt. Then again, my max heart rate for the day was only 166, so as you can tell, I did not push. Again, tough day, elevation change on the garmin graph was kinda cool.

Headed to Munich x-mas day, then Amsterdam on new years eve, might not train that day!

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