Thursday, December 2, 2010

So, will cross tires fit on the GT?

Anybody got some used, smaller size cross tires? I figure I will borrow the GT from my dad versus putting the Pinarello on that much dirt. I checked it out this past weekend and the GT is fairly tight too so I am not sure cross tires will fit in the frame. I have a pass to go to the Dirty Ron, just need to decide whether to come in Friday night or Saturday morning.

I do have training next week which is going to include my PT test, a team fitness challenge, two days at the range and two days of fighting, so I'm not sure what kind of shape I'll be in for the Dirty Ron. If my little brother comes, we should make him a shirt to wear with the Logo, "I got dropped" across the chest, cause I think he would be. Message for WB, stay on that trainer dude, if you can stand the torture of it, you should come out much faster, you just won't be able to turn and you can reaffirm your name of Wrecking Ball! BW, get on the 17 day diet so that you can open up a can on everyone in the spring, in other words, put away the baked goods! Dude you have so much talent, ya just need to cut weight! Cuz, do you actually ride anymore or just do insanity in the living room while parenting? Then go out in the garage and look at your bikes?
Silk, anyone who can get so far ahead in a race that they take a break in the woods to allow their heart to reset is just a freak and I can't mess with you! JimGod, you're my hero! The quiet stud! Mingo, get some skinny tires, we are now in the upper forties category! RonD, glad to hear your green card got renewed, otherwise communicating with you might affectt my security clearance. Hey, what about the Eyetalian Stallion, yeah the Mackeral, aka pimp daddy, is he coming to the Dirty? Darien, please ride a bike with gears if you do the Dirty, even if you don't shift one time! It's humbling to ride with someone on a single speed. Kinda like the days of struggling up a road while BobGod wheelies up it beside you while talking in a normal voice!
Little Ball, Zach, you know your role in the Dirty, you young studs should be up front pulling us around!

Well, got to get on the trainer now before I head to Rome Italy where I will get sick tommorrow on Gelato, Expresso, Proscuitto and other O's.


  1. Rome, what a great place.

    Did someone lie to you to make you think that your bro will be doing the Dirty Ron? I mean there is a chance (slim and none).

    Your cuz is a runner now although I have ridden with him at least once over the last year.

    Darien will bring gears but not enough tubes to fix his many flats that he will surely have.

    Steve is close to being back. I believe we can count on him for the Dirty Ron.

    Chris should continue to eat. A lighter Chris will only cause more problems for me. It's bad enough I can't keep up with him in the technical stuff.

  2. Umm, I don't ride or do insanity. I haven't logged in 50 miles in the past four months. While I am not as good as I once was, I do think I am as good once as I ever was. So bring it. I will whoop you on the bike, as well as running, arm wrestling and straight up fighting. But you gotta go through Jim first :)

  3. Nice work big bro. It's good to see you got some nuts back after being bitch slapped at BUMP. As for me, I like to talk about it - just not do it. As for Jim, he'll get his when they move me up from the Base category to Spoginner. Of course I just started taking again. And of course I would never say anything bad about you (hint to Mark) cause the last time I called you a name, you promptly shoved your opened hand V (between thumb and pointer finger) into my throat and I could not breath. Thanks for that. Love you man.

  4. BC, that was all for Jim.

    LOL about the V tho