Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Calling all MTBers!

Alright, here's the deal, the Perry Roubaix, as in Perry Georgia, is the weekend of March 12. So for all your mountain bikers, come out and do this ride, fight your way in the pack, we'll BW to move people out of the way and then BC will bring the freight train!

Seriously, I hope you guys take a look at this and consider doing it. Has several miles of dirt road on each lap, so you'll get your fill of that, the rest of the time just sit in and hang on.

So, training is going so so, my back injury kind mellowed out last week, so I did the weight/plyometric workout last week with what I thought were good results. Yesterday, I went back in and since I have forsworn squats, went realllllllllll heavy on the leg press. Did four sets on the leg press with the box immediately following each set, did extensions and leg curls and then on the way to the airport, my back quasi seized. Flew to DC by way of Florida, spent the night and just flew back. Having trouble picking up my back pack so I may have a problem. We'll see after I get off the trainer about an hour and a half from now. It's supposed to be mid fifties tomorrow and Thursday and they are my days off, so my goal is 60 miles each day. That's a slow 60 miles, so figure somewhere around 3:20 to 3:30 on the bike. Most of my time on the spin bike or trainer has been spent keeping the heart rate at the top end of the aerobic level, with occasional 2 to 5 minute runs as hard as I can go. But the total of each time on the trainer has not been over an hour and a half so my weekly totals are not that high. I have focused on power working on my cadence ( actually think I spin too high a cadence). Between traveling, cold weather, back pains, chores and such it's been a struggle to maintain a consistent schedule of training.

Perry Roubaix is an Omnium with a TT and a circuit race which you guys probably won't want to do but I plan on it. It's not that far from Tallahassee, has unique road course so you guys should come up and do it. I am planning on racing the following weekend as well. There is a an Omnium 10 miles from my house so I gotta do it. I have already asked for weekends off for those two. After that there is a Wednesday night Crit series I am hoping to do as well as a few other races. You guys come up and do the Perry and I will race the BUMP. Fair Deal?


  1. Are we all gonna ride out MTB's in it? If so, I'm in

  2. I've heard about that race for a few years now, but never tried it. The guys around here usually do it each year. I'm interested, especially if I'd have crew guys to ride with, but unfortunately, the 12th is my Dad's birthday.