Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Legs Hurt and the cat walked in the paint

No really, a can of paint spilled in the garage yesterday and at least one cat and one possum walked into and then all over the garage. I now have an art deco floor!

So, I've been riding, quite a bit actually. I excuse Terry for not being able to ride with me this past Saturday and Cuz since he was called out of town, but the rest of you have missed an opportnity to drop me again. I did the airport ride again this Sunday, for those not familiar, let me know and I will try and post a link. It's a road ride, very fast with two options, a 42 and a 70 miler. So far I stayed with the 42 and this past Saturday remembered what Friel said about group riding, so I got up front and rotated through for the last hour. Garmin says above on 160 for that last hour, It hurt, bad.

Yesterday I did legs, so ya'll try this workout, it's supposed to help with power and sprinting. 30 minute wamup on the trainer, squats 6@ 225 then immediately 10 plyometric jumps on to a 24 inch box. Did three sets of that, then three sets of leg presses for 6 at 450 followed by another 10 jumps on the 24 inch box after each squat set. Finished off with three sets of single leg extensions and three sets of single leg curls. My legs hurt and I have no idea how the trainer is going to be this afternoon. Headed to Rome tomorrow, time for expresso, gelato and vino!

Can anyone give me more info regarding the Dirty Ron? I have the 8th off and am ready for you guys to beat me up on the long ride.

Hey guys, Keith's been riding!


  1. Hell yeah! Glad to see you're back. Stay tuned on Apebike for dirty details of the Dirty Ron

  2. Wow, great to see a blog update. Chris can give you all the dirt on the Dirty Ron. I believe we'll be rolling Saturday the 11th).