Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I may have rui'nt myself!

So, yesterday I decided to get my leg workout in, my back was tight to begin with I think from the 7 hour walk in Rome. But a good warm-up later and I am under the squat rack, two cadillacs a side, thento the jump box. ON the third set, something went terribly wrong. For the last few months, I have been dealing with a Sacrum Iliac joint problem on my left side, (imagine feeling a knife stab you about two incehs left of your spine, not to mention the pain radiating down to behind the lft knee), but I have just been working through it.b(Rule #5) style. Well I cured that problem yesterday on my third set, or rather I exchanged that for an excruciating pain in my right lower back. After about 15 minutes< I decided I better figure some way to get dressed and head to the chiropractor. It was funny, I could not carry my bag, could barely walk and thought Oh man I have to go to the range this week, fight on Wednesday PT test on thursday, some kinda fitness challenge on Friday and then drive to Tally for the Dirty. All this was in jeopardy last night, but today, the pain in my SI joint is back, my right side is sore, but I can walk, run if I need to and hopfeully baring a recurrence, will be there on Saturday. I think leg presses rather than squats for me from now on, that was major frightening. Dr, says do Yoga, so thats gonna be my new thing. Now I am going to go watch American Flyers which Deb got me for Hannaka!


  1. I've been seriously considering that yoga gig, too. My flexibility and core strength suck! All of these trainers say a strong core anchors the legs. I've just been using dead weight! ;-)

    American Flyers is one of those bad classics. As cyclists, we don't get grade A film quality. We relish our gutter fixes, as they are all that we have. I may have to watch it tonight, too.

  2. So you have it? That's great! She got me Breaking Away as well. I have a strong core as I do planks fairly often but my hamstrings are stupid tight. The Dr. actually stretched them yesterday even though I was in extreme pain.

  3. Yoga schmoga....real men don't do yoga. Thats a womans exercise.

    JK, flexibility will go a long way. Yoga will strengthen you mentally and physically and get your flex on too