Friday, February 11, 2011

Self Doubts and nervous

Well, I am freshly back from Germany, kinda tired and feeling lazy, I did get a good workout in while I was over there but also feel the legs still need recovery.

So, after last Sundays major bonk, I have had my mind full of doubts and really lacking in confidence in my abilities to keep up on the long ride with the Cat 1 and 2''s that are driving the front of the pack. On the way home i stopped by my LBS and after just that one ride with them two weeks ago, they recognized me and asked me if I was going to come out tomorrow morning AND gave me props by saying how strong I was. That helps a little.

So, the game plan is 40 tomorrow, not hard, well not too hard, come home, eat good food, rest, eat more good food before bed and then Sunday get back out there and prepare mentally to be so strong that on the final 20 miles which is flat but averages 28 to 29 mph, to be in the front and actually pull through or go with a break. That's the plan, look for the report as to what happens Sunday evening. ONly a month till the Perry race, come on guys!


  1. Thats it bubba. If there is a particular ride that is important to you, be sure to be fresh when you toe the line

  2. I thought guys with your lineage were genetically predisposed against anything remotely similar to self doubt.