Monday, February 14, 2011

The End Result

So, Saturday I showed up for the LBS ride, it was cold, around 28 degrees, only one other guys showed up so I waved goodbye and got back in the bed. Around noon, I got out and did 40, not hard but not easy, probably all wrong heart rate wise and I did keep telling myself to slow down but waht ya gonna do?

Sunday I am at the Airport ride, we roll and I am feeling good, my legs are a little tired and actually a little sore but I feel good, about five miles into it, I have moved forward, catching the wind at around 25mph when lo and behold, I have a mechanical. I am frustrated and head home. Fix the bike with a little ingenuity (I hope it's fixed) but while I was waiting for my repair to dry, I could not get on the bike.

So today, I decided to open up the throttle and test myself. End result, 19.8 mph for 25 miles, 1200 feet of climbing, windy (big head wind on the way back in), warm-up time, stop signs included, yes I threw up a little bit from the effort. The funny thing is I did not push the hills really at all until I turned into the wind, then I had to push everything just to keep moving forward. The garmin graph shows peaks and valleys with my heart rate until I got into the wind, then just goes high and stays there. I attribute this to alot of hard work and to Optygen, this stuff does let you work harder longer. I did not blow up, did'nt even come close, was it hard, yes, very hard ride but I had more in the tank Two more days of riding, one plyometric work out left till I go to Milan Italy on Wednesday, kinda psyched about that trip. Now, who's in for the Perry race? I already have a room booked at the Hampton and got two beds. Come on Bike Chain, represent!


  1. So many good MTB trails up your way....

  2. Yeah, but the road is so much more fun, the tactics, the speed, the thrill of laying the bike over through a high speed turn, hoping for traction. Plus, I still have to drive at least an hour to get to those "good" trails.

  3. Attaboy. I hope the shifter cable issue gets resolved soon. Worst case scenario, we order some parts and you bring it to Zone 5 to have it repaired