Monday, February 7, 2011

The Bonk and thanks for the feedback

Since NO ONE commented on my last blog, I guess I am writing this so that I can go back and review it to see how I felt. Oh well, here goes.

So, I had work training all week long, lots of pt, shooting and fighting , plus the trainer two nights meant that Saturday, I awoke drained and somewhat sore. Got a call about meeting one yound dude at the LBS once the rain stopped, so at 5 till one we are pulling out and hear that two guys are heading out themselves from the BMX track which is about two miles away. So, I told the kid to hang on and did a 25 mph TT to meet up with those guys (not smart without a warmup) So we joined them and lo and behold, they are heading South into the hills. After the first two get your heart rate maxed out climbs (about 7 miles in) young dude and I had dropped the other two. So, we spect the remaining 33 miles waiting in between bouts of playing KOM. Needless to say hti swas a bit more than I desired. So, home, eat, rest , make dinner (Thai salad) and sleep.

Sunday morning arose, at start time it ws a blamy 33 degrees and a bit windy. The airport ride started out sedate, I did not mind, cause I was not feeling too good. the legs seemed sluggish and although I had a good breakfast, I was already feeling hungry. After the nature break, I moved way forward, like top 15 in this 100 rider group, up the first climb and I am at the sharp end of the stick, go through the turn into the sprint staight away. I am easily sitting in, working hard but easy enough, decide at the last minute to make the turn to go long and here where it goes bad. The average for the next 15 miles is 24.5, which does not sound bad excpet I started in the back, there were lots of turns (hence sprint back on) and lots of HILLS, I mean big HILLS, I am overheated (too many clothes), not drinking enough and have no food. At around 48 mile, the wheels come off, I slow to a miserable 14 mile per hour average and am looking for a stop and rob, wondering if they will take my watch as collateral. I have blown up before, as a matter of fact, I am kinda known for it. But never have I felt like that , just absolutely no energy, begging for someone to stop and put me in the back of their truck and gice me a ride, scouring the ground for Gu packet remanants maybe someone had left. The horror! Anyway, lesson learned. Today is a rest day, getting ready for work now. Does anybody read this?


  1. Thanks guys at least I know I am heard. Not to mention, I think I need to slow down on my typing, it appears I have a bit of typing dyslexia. I am in Burlington Vermont today, looking out at the snow!

  2. I didn't see your last one. I haven't exactly been in the loop lately. Got this one though! Hope you are getting strong, BJS said he has something for you.....