Monday, March 14, 2011

Poor Tactics, but very pleased with my fitness!

Okay, I am disappointed in my finish, but have to be pleased with how I felt out there. So, here we go, on the drive down, I was suffering from major adrenaline dumps, I knew I had the fitness, knew I was strong, and was so excited, I kept dumping adrenaline which is not good. Arrived around 11, got my number, pinned it on the jersey and tried to calm myself. Talked with some peoiple and an hour out did a few laps on the course, basically a two turn course both have slight climbs leadinto them and the one before the finish was after a long drag into a major head wind. My thoughts were, okay, nobody is breaking away into that wind by themselves. Get in a good warmup and head to the line, so amped my resting heart rate was just over a hundred. We start off and into the first turn and who's in front pulling the pack? Me. Okay, don't be stupid, I think so I fall back to third wheel, still eating a fair amount of wind as it's an oblique wind and we are'nt echeloning (sp?). I pretty much stay fopr about two laps until a guy comes by and I jump on his wheel, so now 2nd wheel and eating wind, my thoughts were (ain't nobody gonna get away on a solo from me), we come through again and all the sudden I am pulling the pack again? I look over and ask if anybody but wants to pull through and sit up. All the sudden a wiry dude goes, I jump on third wheel again and this guys is hitting the gas repeatedly trying to break the field, he sits up after a lap and again I pulling or second wheel. Then dude goes again and gets maybe thirty yards, I waiting for someone to go get him as we head uphill into the wind, the dude has put another 15 to 20 meters on us, so I jam hard inside go over the caution bumps on the shoulder to pull around everyone and hammer the guys down, I look back and all I did was pull everyone with me. So, I breathe for a second and thenm dig myself up the hill and through the turn trying to break away. As I head into the wind, I realize the wind is going to hurt too much so I sit up, we hear two laps to go and keep in mind I have been on the front or near it the whole damn race! One lap to go and I figure okay, hide the first half, then go in the last turn. SO, we head into the wind people start moving forward , I hear a crash to my side and rear, a group starts to hammer out and I am blocked inside?, I wiggle around and there is a gap already, crank it alway the way up but cannot close it, I sit up a hundred meters out as I can probably only catch two or three at most and it ain't worth the effort.

End result, 14th, but finished in the pack, spent the majority of the race on the front and controlled the race, stupid tactics, I should have hid the whole time like I had planned then exploded at the end in the sprint. Instead, I worked the whole time, got blocked in due to my own poor positioning and then did not have enough in the tank to cover the gap. I was just too amped up.

I did not do the Perry Roubiax on Sunday as I was sitting in my hotel room and realized, I spend so much time in hotels cause of work, nobody came up to do the race, so I talked to the promoter and asked for a credit for another race and he said yes so I headed home. Spent yesterday working on sprints. Today was only 25 miles, but averaged 19.7 with 1200 feet of climbing, could have been much faster but I kept finding myself in that no mans land of 85% LT which is comfortable but either too hard or too easy for a specific workout so I kept slowing down. So, that means I am ready for real intervals. Again, I am bummed about my placing, but excited about my fitness level. This Saturday I am going to play smart and just sit in, let some body else do some work!


  1. I think that half or more of racing on the road, is knowing what to do and when. It takes quite awhile to be really proficient at reading the race, unless you have some old timer who can teach you. Good on ya for giving it your best shot. It definitely sounds like the speed is there, you just need a little more 'sperience.

    I've been waiting all day to hear how your Roubaix went. The T-town guys sent out an email last night. Apparently a lot of our locals won, or placed in the top 5, of their races. None in your class, though. It's a bummer to hear you went home, but at the same time, I kinda get it. Keep the stories coming. I enjoy reading the latest from our Atlanta chapter.

  2. Yeh, I was dissapointed when Kent said you bailed on the Roubaix, but its understandable. Get the tactics right and you will be winning one of these soon.